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An Overview of Underwater Cultural Heritage Preservation in Taiwan

Bureau of Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Culture

On May 20, 2012, Taiwan’s Council of Cultural Affairs (CCA) was upgraded to the Ministry of Culture with the Bureau of Cultural Heritage (hereinafter referred as BOCH) under its jurisdiction. The bureau is in charge of national cultural heritage, implement and supervise national cultural heritage preservation, maintenance, application, education, promotion, study, reward, and sponsorship. Antiquities and Archaeological Sites Division is the competent authority of underwater cultural heritage in Taiwan. It is in charge of the planning, formulation, and promotion of underwater cultural assets, survey, deliberation, registration, abolishment, change, assistance, supervision, and consultation of underwater cultural heritage, and the zoning, management, and promotion of underwater cultural water heritage protected zone.

Taiwan’s Underwater Cultural Heritage Preservation Act

Taiwan’s Underwater Cultural Heritage Preservation Act was promulgated and implemented on December 9, 2015. In the future, the BOCH will formulate mid- and long-term study development strategy and plan, and establish a competent authority of national underwater cultural heritage preservation and study, to continue to have a general survey of underwater cultural heritage, establish a basic data bank, register and manage underwater cultural archaeological sites, set up a sanctuary and its supervision and management, develop survey and exploration technique, purchase necessary equipment, culture professional talents, strengthen exhibition education and public promotion, foster international exchanges and cooperation to echo the spirit and principles of Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage of the United Nations to actively preserve the common underwater heritage of all mankind.